Online casinos have been around for a number of years, presumably since the advent of the Internet during the mid or late 1990s. People were hesitant to try the online casinos at first, arguing that they are risky to deal with (after all, transactions here involve money) and do not provide the sensation given by actual casino games. However, in time, people have learned to appreciate the convenience of online casinos. And soon enough, online casinos have already attracted a significant number of enthusiasts, from veteran casino players who do not want to take a break from playing to beginners who simply want to check out how their luck would fare in the casinos. Today, another trend in online gaming is taking the world by storm-the live casino.

The live casino, in essence, is an online casino-with some added tweaks. As the name already proclaims, a live casino holds real-time games. The players can participate thanks to the wonders of webcam and the Internet; they can see what’s happening since the game itself is transmitted trough webcam, and they can place bets online, just like in an online casino. Some live casino game providers have games broadcasted both online and on television (for instance, there are a number of notable live casino television games in the United Kingdom) and players phone in their bets.

Those who are not familiar with popular casino games may ask why there is a need for a live casino if there are online casinos. As mentioned before, a live casino specializes on real-time games. Most online casinos are computer-operated, so the results are supposedly randomized. However, the chances for the casino to alter the result in an automated casino game are bigger. Live casino games, therefore, are safer than automated casino games, since the results are really acquired through chance and not computer generation.

A number of casino games work better in the live set-up. Games such as Blackjack and roulette, since they are luck-based, would not work in the automated format since the game itself would feel spurious. The live casino games have the same feel of the actual games because they are not replicas or computer-generated; they are merely broadcasted. It’s like being in the casino itself. Popular live casinos include roulette. In a live casino roulette game, there is an actual dealer, an actual ball, and an actual wheel; in short, the game plays exactly the same way, minus the distance.

Live casino has the same procedure as online casinos; players need to register for a live casino account and pay for credits in order to play the live casino games. The procedure for payment varies, although a number of live casinos accept payment through deposits in the casino’s official bank account. Once the payment is credited, the player is given the corresponding chips for betting. Winnings will be sent to the player’s bank account.

Live casino proves that distance is no longer an issue when it comes to entertainment. It has the same feel as an actual casino, and it emulates the experience without sacrificing a number of fundamental elements in the games.